Steven Spielberg is Done with Action Movies

Steven Spielberg has created a whole new kind of action movies, but according to a recent interview, he is done with that. After 40 years in the industry, it’s time for the movie director to focus on something else and biopic “Lincoln” is just the beginning.

With two Oscars, two Golden Globes and three DGA Awards, Steven Spielberg has become an icon for the movie industry. Within 4 decades, Steven Spielberg has directed 27 movies, and most of them changed the way we look at the world. But after all these years, Steven Spielberg is still a “nervous wreck” when directing. Plus, he has decided he is done with action movies.

Steven Spielberg was sat down by Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes” for an interview this Sunday to talk about biopic “Lincoln”, the director’s upcoming project. But during the interview, Steven Spielberg surprised with a decision that will change the action movie industry and private life confessions we didn’t see coming.

Directing biopic “Lincoln” was what made Steven Spielberg change his mind about action movies. It was great for him to direct a movie without using expensive special effects and action gimmicks. “I knew I could do the action in my sleep at this point in my career. In my life, the action doesn’t hold any – it doesn’t attract me anymore” Steven Spielberg told Lesley Stahl.

However, despite his 4 decades in the industry, Steven Spielberg confessed he is still a “nervous wreck” when directing. “It’s not really fear. It’s just much more of an anticipation of the unknown. And you know, the unknown could be food poisoning” the director said. “It’s just the kind of level of anxiety not being able to write my life as well as I can write movies” he added.

Steven Spielberg also confessed he used to be bullied as a child and because of it he denied Judaism. “I denied it for a long time. I often told people my last name was German, not Jewish. I’m sure my grandparents are rolling over in their graves right now, hearing me say that” he confessed.

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