Steve Perlman Unveils His Great Wireless Machine

Finally, Steve Perlman has decided to unveil his wireless machine. After almost 3 years since the moment when he promised to make a unique release when it comes to wireless technology, it seems that Steve Perlman has finally done something on this matter. 

Steve Perlman has become quite well known as a restless inventor and the fact that he worked to unveil his wireless machine proves that best. The invention initially was presented as a prototype named DIDO, which was not very simple to understand. 

Probably, this is one of the reasons why it has actually not been considered too successful by many critics. Still, that hasn’t stopped Perlman from trying to prove everyone that they were wrong. To do so, Perlman actually unveiled a commercialized version of his wireless invention. 

Now, this technology can be found under the name of pCell, which stands for personal cell technology. To show the world that his technology is working, Perlman made a demonstration in his lab, connecting a series of devices to his wireless equipment. 

The new technology actually aims to enable full-speed wireless broadband to all mobile devices, regardless of the number of users who are accessing it at the same time. The man who made this interesting invention promised to detail it in an event that is set to take place at Columbia University, in New York. 

Perlman is however sure that his technology is so great that it will allow users to enjoy Internet access, very fast and without having to worry about dead zones or weak signals. The inventor claimed that his technology works with Android phones, as well as with the iPhone. 

If this actually works, analysts say that it will be an amazing invention. The technology previously known as DIDO will allow users to share the capacity of one large cell, each user enjoying full capacity at once. 

Having under consideration what Steve Perlman has revealed at this point, there is no wonder that he is certain that he can actually change the way cell phone service is delivered at the moment. Some analysts even say that such an invention is able to make even a revolution in the wireless technology.

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