Steve Jobs Was Worried His Daughter Would Be Kidnapped

The report the Department of Defense has on Steve Jobs still reveals interesting aspects of the Apple genius’s life. According to an interview Steve Jobs had in 1988 with government officials he confessed he was worried his daughter would be kidnapped for blackmail.

Steve Jobs’ life still draws in focus even after his death. His biographies, legit or not, the upcoming flick featuring Ashton Kutcher, and the documents with the Department of Defense represent the keys to learning what drove Steve Jobs. They give Apple fans ways to understand the creator of the Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Coupled with FBI’s own file on Steve Jobs, the documents from the Department of Defense (DOD) complete the story of Steve Jobs’ personal life, fears and expectations. Wired filed a request based on the Freedom of Information Act and had the DOD release new documents about Steve Jobs. The files contain interviews that had Steve Jobs talking about his concern his daughter would be kidnapped one day and used for leverage.

Back in 1988, Steve Jobs was trying to get top secret security clearance. Investigators asked Steve Jobs if he thinks he would ever be susceptible to blackmail and in what ways. Steve Jobs replied he is concerned that someone would use his illegitimate daughter against him. “The type of blackmail or threat that could be made against me would be if someone kidnapped [her]” reads Steve Jobs’ answer in the DOD interview.

According to Steve Jobs, he’d be blackmailed “primarily for the purpose of money, not because I may have access to classified Top Secret material or documents. However, he added that if he receives the clearance “there can be a possibility of blackmail and I do acknowledge this fact”.

The investigators also interviewed a woman that remained unidentified in the papers to get a second opinion on Steve Jobs character and clearance request. She said that in her opinion Steve Jobs shouldn’t worry about being blackmailed because he is as public as one could be.

The DOD report also showed that Steve Jobs was arrested one more time than what he had originally disclosed. The man said he did not consider that to be an “actual arrest”, given that it occurred over an unpaid speeding ticket.

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