Steve Jobs’ Role Discussed During E-Book Trial

Steve Jobs’ role has been subject to a lengthy discussion during the e-book trial that took place on Monday. Attorneys were interested in establishing the part that the late Apple CEO played in the illegal scheme which was meant to raise the prices of their e-books, Washington Post informs.

After settling the lawsuit against Samsung, Apple is now involved in another trial, this time for the illegal scheme that the IT giant has used in order to raise the prices of their e-books. Since the strategy was first implemented during Steve Jobs’ leadership, most of the aspects that were discussed during the trial were related to the influence that the late CEO might have had on the scheme. For that, the U.S. Justice Department made reference to the conversations and deals that Jobs has made three years ago. They have, thus, illustrated him as the “chief ringleader” who contributed to the scheme in order to raise prices by $3 to $5 and break Amazon’s dominance.

Despite the efforts that attorneys have made to discover Jobs’ link to the scheme, the evidence they brought in court was not enough, according to the jury. They have stated that the emails and declarations that Jobs made in the press cannot be placed within a specific context; therefore, their interpretation is left entirely to the court.

Apple’s attorney, Orin Snyder was the first to dispute the method that the court is using. He told the press that the court has chosen only certain quotes from Jobs’ emails and then, immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was the ringleader. He concluded by saying that “the government is asking Your Honor to proceed on a perilous path”.

Federal antitrust suits are rarely discussed in court, but the government has made an exception this time because the Silicon Valley giant’s products have completely changed the evolution of the world. The trial offers authorities a rare glimpse into the company’s working process.

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