Steve Jobs life covered on “60 Minutes”

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, died on October 5th, at the age of 56 after fighting against pancreatic cancer for a long time. The icon’s life will be covered in his own words during the next “60 Minutes” show.

The broadcast will include recordings of discussion that Jobs had with the writer of his autobiography Walter Issacson, which reveal intimate details of both his private life as well as his character and his stand regarding his imminent death.

The show aired on October 23rd on the East Coast and will be on the West Cost this evening starting with 7 p.m. on CBS. The host, Walter Issacson, alternates from an awe and admiration attitude towards probably one of the greatest visionaries and pitchmen known to date, to one of critical reveal of Jobs most secret personality flaws. As such, he shows Jobs as sometimes arrogant, petty, abrasive and critical to the point where he didn’t care about how his words would affect the others.

The writer didn’t hold back on any of the flaws Jobs had, encouraged by both Steve and his wife, Laurene Powell, he told the story just as his life was, showing both strengths as well as weaknesses.

The show presents an overview of Jobs career including all the major points of Apple developments as well as Isaacson priceless insights covering the latest projects Jobs was involved in before his death. The author reveals, in the show, that Jobs confessed he had found a way to “do to the TV what he had done to the cellphone, computer and music player”.

The most insightful part of “60 Minutes” is the one revealing aspects of Jobs private life, unreachable by the public so far. The broadcast includes family photos of Jobs and his children, his eldest daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs and his three kids from his marriage with Laurene.

Furthermore, the public is presented with less known information. When first diagnosed with cancer Jobs chose to treat it with alternative medicines before having a surgery, as such proving that even the smartest people can have moments of weakness.


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