Steve Jobs Achieved His Death, says sister

In her eulogy, first read on October 16th during the memorial service, Mona Simpson, Steve Jobs’ sister, presented the last moments of the genius’s life as sources of epiphanies and inspiration as “death didn’t happen to Steve, he achieved it.”

Mona met her brother late in life. She was in New York working on her first book, when she received a phone call from a lawyer who was contacting her in the name of her long lost brother. She pictured him as a young Omar Sharif since she knew her father emigrated from Syria.

The lawyer didn’t disclose the identity of her brother which led to a betting poll among her colleagues who placed John Travolta as the winning to-be-revealed brother. Her interest in the arts though, found Simpson wishing for a descendant of Henry James as her new found brother, “someone more talented than I, someone brilliant without trying”.

Mona found in her brother a man truly worthy of her love. For a long time she thought that person would be her father, but when she met Steve at the age of 25 she knew she found him. When they first met, Jobs was just a guy in jeans, in his middle twenties and definitely better looking than Omar Sharif.

In the eyes of his sister, Jobs’ life was not always in shades of pink, on the contrary. One of the hardest moemnts was when he was kicked out of Apple. Even though being outcast by the company’s executives was a hard blow, Steve never seized going to work on a daily basis.

In her eulogy, Simpson also talked about her brother’s sentimental side, his immense love for his wife, Laurene Powell and his way of finding love in everything that surrounded him. During his fight against pancreatic cancer, it was the love of his family that kept Jobs going.

On the phone, when calling to summon his sister to Palo Alto in California as he felt his cancer took a turn for the worse, Jobs sounded “like someone who was already on the beginning of his journey, even as he was sorry, truly deeply sorry, to be leaving us.”

According to the family and friends that were with him in the last moments of his life,the giant’s last words were giant as well: “Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!”

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