Stephen King Teams Up With Steven Spielberg For New CBS Drama “Under the Dome”

CBS announced on Thursday that two of the biggest names in the movie industry, Stephen King and Steven Spielberg will team up for a new drama called “Under the Dome”. The series based on King’s 2009 novel will be broadcast during the summer of 2013.

Stephen King’s novel about a small town in New England that gets separated from the rest of the world due to a transparent dome has aroused Steven Spielberg’s curiosity. The director agreed to team up with the famous writer in order to produce 13 episodes for CBS. King is not only the writer of the story, but also the executive producer of the series.

The drama will be launched in summer 2013 and will feature a premiere episode directed by Niels Arden Oplev. The latter was critically acclaimed for the production of the Swedish movie “Girl With a Dragon Tattoo”.

Analysts expect CBS’ new series “Under the Dome” to be well-received among the public. They have many reasons to believe that the production will register large numbers of viewers, especially since the television network plans to make big investment in its promotion. The series will be available on numerous platforms once it will premiere on the network.

Having the highly reputed director, Steven Spielberg, aboard the production of the series will most likely determine viewers to watch the series. However, the filmmaker’s TV productions have not always been appreciated by the audience. His big-budget sci-fi series, “Terra Nova” failed to lure viewers and Fox decided to cancel the show last year after only 11 episodes. 

King and Spielberg have thought about working together before, but their efforts have not materialized until now. Spielberg was supposed to help produce a mini-series based on King’s novel “The Talisman”, but the project was eventually abandoned. “Under the Dome” is the first collaboration that will come to fruition between the two and CBS hopes the series will be continued for many more seasons.

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