Stephen Hawking Makes Corrections To Sheldon’s Math On “The Big Bang Theory”

Many people consider Stephen Hawking a reputable physicist, but few of them are aware that the university professor is also good at comedy. Hawking’s latest appearance on a comedy was in the series “The Big Bang Theory” where the physicist makes corrections to Sheldon’s math paper, according to the Huffington Post.

The producers of “The Big Bang” theory decided to invite a special guest on their last episode, that is, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking. The appearance was more or less justified because Sheldon, one of the characters on the show, is so fascinated by the physicist that he considers himself equal to Hawking.

During the episode that will air Thursday at 8 p.m. on CBS, Howard, Sheldon’s roommate was hired as an engineer to take care of Hawking’s specialized wheelchair during his lecture stay. Sheldon, who had wanted to hand one of his papers to Hawking for a long time, asked his friend, Howard to put a word for him. After a series of humiliating services that Sheldon must perform for his friend, the paper is eventually verified by the physicist.

Hawking and Sheldon agree to meet in order to discuss about the paper, but the meeting didn’t go as Sheldon would have expected. The physicist told him that the work he had done was really impressive, except for a series of miscalculations that could be traced in his paper. Sheldon felt so sorry for not being able to impress his idol that he fainted.

Producers told the press that Stephen Hawking is a true professional even when it comes to acting. The physician insisted on doing his own voice work instead of allowing employees to add his signature mechanical voice later. In addition, the theoretician was very good at comic timing, that is, the use of rhythm, tempo and pausing to trigger humorous reactions from the public. Hawking’s acting skills have also been praised by Simon Helberg who took to Twitter to announce that he was honored to play a scene with the scientist.

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