Stephen Collins And Wife Are Divorcing

It looks like celebrity life gets the best of the best. Not many couples can handle all the media attention and the stress of everyday life and chores. It looks like Stephen Collins’ 27 years marriage to actress Faye Grant couldn’t make it till the end. Stephen Collins and wife are divorcing.

It’s been quite some time since Stephen Collins was in the TV schedule with the “7th Heaven” series. During the time “7th Heaven” aired, the two actors were together. Their busy lives didn’t end their love, and both have had quite strenuous gigs throughout the years.

Stephen Collins, most popular for his part as Rev. Eric Camden, told ET: “my wife and I are moving forwards separately in our lives. She has been my dearest friend and a loving mother. I know that we’ll go through this process in a way that honors our family”.

Now that Stephen Collins has announced the separation, Faye seems to be devastated. She told ET:“Stephen’s filing for divorce is a surprise. I am devastated. I wish him the very best in whatever path he chooses to take”. The actress added: “However, 27 years of marriage in Hollywood is the equivalent of 189 dog years. I was exhausted”.

Apart from playing Rev. Eric Camden on “7th Heaven”, Stephen Collins had other appearances in “Tales of the Gold Monkey”, “Private Practice” and “No Ordinary Family”. Actress Faye Grant had her own shares of time challenging roles, such as the original series of V and the “State of Grace” that ran on ABC Family.

The couple got married in 1985, when Faye Grant was getting to reach celebrity status thanks to her performance in the mini-series V. Back then, Faye Grant was tying the knot for a second time, three years after she met Stephen Collins on the setting of “Tales of the Gold Monkey”. The couple has a daughter together, named Kate.

Although they seemed to have promised each other to deal with the divorce as civil as possible, it’s likely things will get worse, before they get better. All in all, Stephen Collins and Faye Grant have 27 years of marriage and a lot at stake during the divorce settlement. In Hollywood, any divorce has the chance to get ugly.

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