Stephen Colbert to run for the presidency of South Carolina

Reuters announced on Friday that the “Comedy Central” host, Stephen Colbert might run for the presidency of South Carolina. The declaration was made during the Thursday edition of his show. The comedian further stated that he is thinking of forming a committee that could help him become “the president of the United States of South Carolina”.

The idea of competing for the political leadership of South Carolina was alluring Stephen Colbert for a long time. During this period, he had the chance to consider whether his budget would allow him to get involved in this political race or not. Moreover, he discussed this possibility with his “spiritual adviser” as he stated in Thursday’s “The Colbert Report”.

The ultra-conservative show host is now preparing to apply his candidacy for the January 21 Republican primary that will take place in South Carolina. Although the filing deadline is long past, Colbert could still take part in the elections as a write-in candidate.

In addition to his surprising declarations, viewers were able to watch Colbert handling his Super PAC Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow to his fellow comedian Jon Stewart from the “Daily Show”. Thanks to this move, the future South Carolina candidate will also be able to manage political action committees. His Super Pack was approved last summer as a means of ridiculing law contradictions which enable corporations to spend an unlimited amount of money on elections. This political scheme is possible as long as there is no coordination – a word which was repeatedly mocked by Stephen and Jon during the show – between the candidate and another person.

Preserving the ironic tone of the show, Jon stated on Thursday that the PAC may now be called “The Definitely Not Coordinated with Stephen Colbert Super PAC”. Trevor Potter, Stephen’s legal adviser reassured the TV host that he can volunteer for the PAC anytime.

Based on the results of a recent poll, Colbert is more popular than the former Utah governor Jon Huntsman. The Republican occupied the bottom places of the polls during the entire campaign, yet he managed to finish third at the New Hampshire caucus.

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