Stars React To Colorado Massacre

Even though they were not directly related to the victims of the shooting, many stars reacted to the Aurora, Colorado massacre. Some chose to release statements, whereas others have taken to Twitter to share their condolences after the tragedy, says Us Weekly.

“The Dark Knight Rises” has been highly anticipated by viewers all over the world. Its release was, unfortunately, disturbed by the attack in Aurora, Colorado which killed 14 people and injured 50 more. The massacre impressed celebrities in Hollywood who were anxiously expecting to see the movie.

President Barack Obama was the first to issue an official statement encouraging people to show support towards the victims of the Colorado shooting. He reminded people that the nation must come together in these saddening moments and act as “an American family”. In addition, the President cancelled his Florida campaign as a sign of compassion.

Kim Kardashian kept her Twitter followers updated with the recent events and did not hesitate to express her condolences to the families of the victims. She wrote on her account that she was mad and heartbroken to see that someone could cause so much pain to other people. Jessica Simpson, Ryan Seacrest and Eva Longoria stated that they are praying for all those who have been injured or killed in the shooting.

David Hasselhoff, Whoopi Goldberg and many other famous actors declared themselves upset and disturbed by the violent attacks that often take place in America killing many innocent people. Theaters were the last places people expected to be affected by storms of gunfire and their expectations have been shattered by the recent Colorado shooting. Businessman Donald Trump was the most categorical: he requested authorities to “bring back fast trials and death penalty for mass murderers and terrorists”.

The news did not shock only celebrities and people from the movie industry, but also sportsmen. LeBron James confessed he was disgusted to see that many more innocent people lose their lives “over someone’s selfish stupidity acts”.  

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