Starbucks Joins Nutrition Market With Fresh Juice Store

As more and more people become more focused with regards with what they are eating and drinking, a new segment in the market has raised lately. Nutrition and healthy foods and beverages are bringing in more and more consumers as the media is largely focusing on the benefits of eating the right products. For Starbucks the raising of the nutrition market meant a gradual decrease in demand as consumers start rethinking their number of coffees per day. Plus, as a lot of people still don’t drink coffee, Starbucks now offers them a solution with its new fresh juice store.

Starbucks has been keeping it under the key. The store has been built on the hush-hush in Bellevue, Washington under the brand name Evolution Fresh. And instead of the traditional coffee cup, consumers will leave the store with juice bottles. Plus for all those people that weren’t satisfied with the so-called fast food vegan meals, the store will also feature in its menu soups, salads, wraps and the like.

Four months ago, Starbucks was purchasing the not so popular Evolution Fresh brand. For many the brand was unknown, but in the market the connoisseurs are familiar with Evolution Fresh as one of the few companies that strived to make its juices from peeling to squeezing as organic as possible, without adding any powdered ingredients.

Later on, CEO Howard Schultz was giving hints as to the new path the company will be heading in the following years. And the market of health and wellness with premium juices, vegan dishes, nutrition balanced meals is worth $50 billion at the moment. With so many consumers changing their attitude towards eating, the market is still expanding.

What Starbucks is doing can be ruled as sacrilege in the business it has activated so far. Its main competitors, McDonald’s Corp and Dunkin’ Brands Group are hugely disadvantage by their menus and ingredients. To fully understand how big the step is for Starbucks, imagine McDonald’s would start a new chain of restaurants selling only vegan, organic foods, with healthy and fresh ingredients and products processed in house.

Anyway, Starbucks’ new fresh food and juice store will surely get raving success. When a player the size of Starbucks enters a market still forming, it goes without saying it will soon become leader.

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