Stalker threatens to kill Selena Gomez, gets restraining order

Thomas Brodnicki, the stalker who threatened Selena Gomez got a restraining order that does not allow him to torment the “Wizards of Waverly Place” star anymore, Associated Press reports.

Selena Gomez, 19, has gone through terrifying times the past days, after she received serious threats from a man named Thomas Brodnicki. The man in 46 years old and has made threats of harming and even killing Justin Bieber’s girlfriend. Gomez has taken them seriously and really fears for her life. She declared that she was “in extreme fear” of the stalker.

The actress filed for a restraining order in Burbank, California and was granted one. Starting Thursday, Thomas Brodnicki must stay 100 yards from Gomez. However, the restraining order is temporary, lasting until November 4, when the first hearing will take place.

Brodnicki has a criminal record of stalking and a mental illness history. He had even confessed to the psychiatrist evaluating him that he planned on killing Selena. Her lawyer talked to the psychiatrist and learned that the man has traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles several times, visited the places where Selena works and even talked to people about his spiritual conversations with God, in which they discussed the murder of the former Disney star.

Brodnicki underwent a psychiatric evaluation after threatening people in the street of taking out their eyes, last month. He even threatened the shrink.

The Los Angeles Police Department has taken the man’s death threats to Selena Gomez very seriously, due to his previous stalking and mental state.

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