Spelling sells 150 million dollars mansion to Ecclestone

Candy Spelling has put on sale her home since 1991. According to the Wall Street Journal the property’s original price was 150 million dollars, but it is not known whether the final sale price was kept the same. The buyer is Petra Ecclestone, the daughter of famous Formula One racing boss, Bernard Ecclestone.

Candy Spelling, 65, bought the property together with her late husband, famous TV produce Aaron Spelling, in the early ‘80s. The property had 57,000 square foot and a house where actor/singer Bing Cosby lived in. The original house was torn down. They started building a home in the French Castle style in 1991. The house has a splendid double staircase which was inspired by the residence in the movie “Gone with the Wind”. The house also has a flower cutting room, a screening room, a gym, bowling alley, three rooms for wrapping presents, a china room and a Prince Charles room (which received the name after Prince Charles once spent a night there as a guest.

The Spelling mansion is also known as The Manor. It is situated in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles and was designed by the firm of James Lagenheim & Associates. The 2 story building has 123 rooms. It has a basement, an intermediate level, a second story and an attic. It also comes with four two-car garages, a tennis court and a pool. The house has been for sale since 2009, almost three years after Aaron Spelling’s death.

The house was bought by the daughter of Formula One celebrity Bernard Ecclestone, Petra. The blonde beauty is half Croatian and half English and, at only 22 years old, she already has two princess residences: the latest one is the Spelling mansion. But she already has a house in Chelsea neighborhood. It is a six-story and was purchased with over 90 million dollars. Petra is about to get married with entrepreneur James Stunt and will spend a lot of time traveling between London and Los Angeles. It seems like a good deal to have a castle waiting for you in the USA.

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