SpaceX Dragon Will Makes It To ISS

Fox News reports that SpaceX Dragon, the first commercial cargo ship launched on Sunday, will make it safe to ISS by Wednesday. The space craft was charged with 1,000 pounds of key science experiments and various other products for the three residents of the station.

NASA launched its first Dragon capsule on Sunday after months of tests and trials. The cargo contained all the necessary gear for the fulfillment of the operational mission. SpaceX Dragon is thus expected to deliver 1,000 pounds of products by Wednesday to the international Space Station.

According to NASA’s declarations, the first rocket was meant to test whether big loads could be transported to the station or not. Despite this, scientists wanted to surprise the three residents at the International Space Station, so they tucked some chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream in the freezer for them.

NASA researchers came across several problems during the launching, so they were afraid the Dragon may not be sent into the orbit at the right time. Eventually, they managed to repair one of the nine first-stage engines that was flawed and the launch was declared a success. SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell gladly communicated that SpaceX is making its way towards the ISS. The piece of space junk that was threatening the integrity of the capsule was prevented from hitting SpaceX, so the space craft will make the delivery on Wednesday.

NASA agreed to sign a $1.6 billion contract with SpaceX in order to restock the International Space Station. The private company will thus, produce 12 resupply missions in order to replace the shuttles that were sent to the museum. There is another premiere for NASA as Dragon will bring back twice as much cargo as it delivered, including astronauts’ blood and urine samples so doctors could verify their health condition.

The Dragon will spend the next three weeks at the international station. At the end of October, the shuttle will be released and parachuted into the Pacific.

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