“Southern Charm” Season 8 The Complete Guide to the Bravo Series


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We’re welcoming the good old girls and boys! The Southern Charm cast Southern Charm will be switching their roles once more for season 8 including an original cast member making a back , and the possibility of seeing a few new characters.

The Bravo series, which debuted at the end of 2014 and has kept viewers for years due to the charming charms in Charleston, South Carolina, as well as the wild and crazy ways of a few of its inhabitants.

Kathryn Dennis, Shep Rose and Craig Conover are the only original cast members left following Cameran Eubanks left the show ahead of season seven. Thomas Ravenel also exited the show following his arrest and plead guilty to assault charges in the year 2018.

Despite losing some major stars, Southern Charm has kept the drama going and viewers keep tuning to see what’s going to take place next, thanks to the addition from Austen Kroll and his ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy. In the last season, viewers also had the pleasure of meeting John Pringle and Cameran’s pal Leva Bonaparte.

In the case of season 8, the stars have been hinting there could be more changes coming.

In the wake of when Craig and Austen became the talk of the town due to their relationship with Kristin Cavallari in the latter half of 2020, Cavallari’s lawyer confirmed to DailyGossip that Cavallari may show in the reality series.

“It’s not ruled out at all,” Craig stated on April 21, 2021. “If (she and her best friend Justin Anderson are] at the event, then yes. I’m sure that some of our acquaintances from the last six months will get to meet a good portion of them, which could be a lot of entertaining.”

Laguna Beach alum has said that she is not planning to make a cameo appearance Laguna Beach alum, for her part, informed Us that she does not have plans to do a cameo.

“They say, ‘Never say never,’ but I can confidently say I’m never going to do Southern Charm,” Cavallari revealed to Us the following month. “I have a love affair with Craig. I’m not sure! I don’t understand the reason why he was saying this things.”

Although the Hills actor isn’t getting ready for a second Charleston visit yet Craig’s girlfriend Paige DeSorbo, and some of their Winter House cast mates may be in town for one or two episodes.

“Bravo is kind of the new Marvel universe [with] everyone becoming friends,” Craig said to Us on October 20, 2021. He also hinted that the possibility of a crossover with Southern Charm could happen. “I think everyone that likes to watch it has some really exciting stuff to see in the next several months coming up.”

Scroll down to find out what we have to say concerning Southern Charm season 8:

"Southern Charm" Season 8 The Complete Guide to the Bravo Series
Credit: John Valkos/Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Who’s In?

According to Bravo’s cast list, OGs Shep, Kathryn and Craig will be returning. Season 4’s additions Austen and season 6’s star Madison will also be returning along with newcomers from season 7 John as well as Leva.

"Southern Charm" Season 8 The Complete Guide to the Bravo Series
Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Naomie Olindo Is Back!

Us has confirmed that in September of 2021 Naomie will be appearing at times during this season, following her departure from the show at the end of season six in 2020. “The understanding is Naomie will be on the show, but not as a full-time cast member,” an unnamed source from production informed Us that time. “Her role is more of a friend on the show.”

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"Southern Charm" Season 8 The Complete Guide to the Bravo Series
Credit: Bravo

Are you sure Paige DeSorbo Make an Appearance?

“Well I’m currently engaged to someone known as Southern Charm. You’ll probably be seeing me popping up every now and then but we’ll wait and see what happens,” Paige exclusively told Us in October 2021. She was flirting about her relationship with Craig. “Everyone who Craig has a relationship with could not be more nice to me. I’ve met almost every person.”

"Southern Charm" Season 8 The Complete Guide to the Bravo Series
Credit: Courtesy of Ausetn Kroll/Instagram

“Winter House Drama?

Craig who shot Winter House with Austen in February 2021, said the drama between men on the spinoff show could continue into season 8 of the Charleston-based show.

“What’s enjoyable is that you’ve got Winter House, you have Summer House and then you have Southern Charm. It’s nervous, but I’m super excited to return with all of you,” the Sewing Down South founder of the company exclusively told Us at the end of October in 2021. “You’ll see our dynamics from Winter House then carry into this summer and who knows how that’s going to go.”

"Southern Charm" Season 8 The Complete Guide to the Bravo Series
Credit: Courtesy of Madison LeCroy/Instagram

Updates on Relationships

Us revealed on July 20, 2021, that Naomie — who was known to have a relationship with Craig was divorced from her her boyfriend Metul Shah following three years relationship.

Austen’s ex Madison for her part she confirmed in the month of October 2021 that she was committed with Brett Randle after seven months of being together.

"Southern Charm" Season 8 The Complete Guide to the Bravo Series
Credit: Courtesy of Kathryn Dennis/Instagram

Filming Has Begun

Craig and Austen announced in the month of October 2021 at the Winter House watch party that they were filming their next season of the show in Charleston. They didn’t attend the spinoff’s premiere celebration, which meant they could remain in town to shoot.

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