South Korea UFO Sightings – Real or Not?

Unusual news went viral over the few hours after a video filmed from an airplane going above South Korea caught a glimpse of something that people ruled to be an UFO. Obviously, the story made it in internet trends, but we cannot help wonder whether the South Korea UFO sightings are real or not.

Before reading the news you might want to take a look at the video of the said South Korea UFO sightings. The clip has been uploaded to YouTube and shows a bird’s eye view of Seoul, capital of South Korea. Taken by a passenger in a plane going above the city on April 7th, the clip has now 3,623,647 million views. Impressive I’d say in just 4 days.

The video has been uploaded by user “Crazybreakingnews” who added the following comment: “It looks a little bit strange and not really similar to the other videos. If it’s really real and not a fake, it looks like a kind of military drone”.

Anyway what the cameraman managed to record spurred up lots of debates on the matter. The person recording caught on camera a white round object that got many to say it was a mysterious craft that had to be an UFO. The camera seemed to have been caught by surprise as it tried to get a closer look but the said UFO disappeared.

We’ll leave the comments of people convinced the South Korea UFO sighting is indeed authentic, and first try to see if the clip carries the mark of UFO hoax videos.

MSNBC pointed out that the clip might not be authentic, partly because the cameraman is anonymous and also because the video seems to have been edited. MSNBC also finds it a little bit unusual that the cameraman waited a bit too much to alert his companion about what he just caught on tape. But then again maybe he was just trying to figure out what was it that he was seeing.

Derek Serra is a Hollywood visual effect artist that Life’s Little Mysteries turned to for a professional eye. He said that the South Korea UFO sightings video has some elements that “scream fake”.

So, what do you think it was? And remember there are several things that are usually mistaken for an UFO sighting, such as a funny-looking cloud, sprites, missiles, balloons and airplanes.

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  1. Any UFO vids from south korea are GARBAGE fake videos created to gain advertising profits. This one is included in the latest barrage of bullcrap vids to make money. Gives the real issue a bad name once again. Trolls

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