Source Says Prince Harry Could Not Remain Silent

A couple of days ago, Prince Harry issued an unexpected and unprecedented statement to confirm that he was dating Meghan Markle, but also to defend the famous actress and say that she has been subjected to a lot of abuse and harassment. The statement said that Meghan has also been submitted to a high and also unethical media attention.

Now, a source said according to People that Prince Harry just could not stay silent about these facts. “Harry understands that this is not a magic wand to wave, that issuing a statement like this will make it all stop,” the source explained. The same insider went on to add that Prince Harry is much bothered by the intense media attention given to Meghan and her family members.

“But he no longer felt comfortable in himself that this was happening to her — not because of who she is but because of who he is,” the source went on to add. And the fact is that the statement also indicated that Harry has had it with it. Numerous analysts have claimed that this was a very strong statement coming from Prince Harry. But, unfortunately for the star, no one expects the situation to change too much. Most likely, Meghan Markle will continue to draw a lot of media attention as long as she will be linked to Harry.

But, Harry wanted to stick up to Meghan and he surely managed to show that his intentions with the beautiful actress are very serious. And with his statement he did confirm that he and Meghan were an item and maybe the confirmation will gradually slow down the media attention on the new couple.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been dating for about two months. As imagined, nothing much has been revealed about this relationship. Previous reports only indicated that Harry has liked Meghan since they first met and he had been the one who pursued the actress. Some indicated that at the time when they first met, Meghan was still dating her former boyfriend, from which she had then separated.

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