Soulja Boy released from police custody, claims he is innocent

Rapper Soulja Boy claims he is innocent, despite the serious criminal charges brought to him. When released from police custody on Friday, the hip-hop star gave a quick statement to his fans, sustaining he was not guilty of the drug and gun possession he was charged with.

On Tuesday, the rapper, who turned 21 in June, was stopped for a routine traffic check in Atlanta, Georgia. But when the police officers sensed a strong marijuana odor, they proceeded to checking the vehicle. They found a significant quantity of marijuana and not only. They also found cash and guns in the SUV/. According to sources who talked to CBS Atlanta, the officers found about 46,000 dollars and 5 ounces of pot. The vehicle was a rental and the rapper was riding along with four other men. They were all taken into custody and charged with possession of illegal substances and fire weapons. They spent the day at the Carroll County Jail in Carrollton, but were all released after posting bond.

Many concerned fans gathered in front of the Carroll County Jail in order to find out what happened to their music star and when and if he will be released. To their contentment, Soulja Boy made an appearance after being released. He gave a short statement to his fans, before he was rushed into a car that was waiting for him. “I’m innocent, man. I love you all. I just want y’all to know I’m innocent”, he said.

Later that day, he posted a message on twitter saying “Aye can I have a real n—a moment? My fans was DEEP AS F— OUTSIDE THAT JAIL MAN IM SORRY!!! That’s love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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