Sony Upgrades Morpheus

Sony has returned this year at the GDC with a new version of its Project Morpheus VR headset. If last year, the headset wasn’t so great, this year Sony fans have great reasons to get excited about Morpheus. The new device was presented through a series of demos that users could enjoy at the official presentation.

The new design of the headset comes with a 5.7-inch OLED screen, which is a good change, having under consideration the fact that last year it used LCD. The image clarity is much better and even the 2015’s demos are different. Sony declared that the new Morpheus spits out images at double the refresh rate compared with the previous version, meaning that it will produce little to no motion blur. The Japanese company also worked a little to the headset design, which feels more comfortable during usage. The visor can be adjusted, so the user can move it a little from the rest of the headset, while the cushions inside are very soft.

It comes with a 1920 x RGB x 1080 resolution and also the view has been stretched to 100 degrees. The new headset supports an incredible 120fps output. Project Morpheus has a new feature named social screen, where users pick the same gameplay they see inside their headset and share it on a TV, so friends can play along. To be mentioned that the headset also supports 3D audio, a feature that the previous Morpheus didn’t have. Three additional LEDS have been placed on for a total of nine altogether. Three are placed on each side, one in the middle of the faceplate, one on top and bottom and two lights are on the back. These leds have the job to help improve tracking accuracy, which they definitely do.

The newest Project Morpheus is very impressive, the hardware is solid and the headset is more comfortable than any other VR headsets on the market. Without a doubt, nobody wants to wear something restraining and bulky for a long period of time. All that Project Morpheus needs is more games that users can enjoy in their living room.


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