Sony to Sell Record 5.3 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is as successful as possible. Reports reveal that the company has actually managed to sell no less than 5.3 million PlayStation Consoles. 

It seems that Sony managed to achieve this record figure by February 8, which means an increase compared to the sales of previous generation models. Actually, Sony was able to surpass its target on PlayStation 4 sales ahead of the release in Japan. 

PlayStation 4 will reach Japan only next week and since Sony already achieved its sales target, it is expected for the company to get huge achievements following the introduction of its new product on the Japanese market, as well. 

Sony previously claimed that their target was to sell 5 million PlayStation Units by the end of March. As it seems now, this purpose has already been achieved, more than one month sooner than what Sony expected. 

PlayStation 4 was released in the United States on November 29. The same date corresponds with the release of the device in Western Europe and Latin America. Sony also announced that the popular console will go on sale in Japan on February 22. 

Most likely, following this release sales are going to grow amazingly, so the success that Sony’s PlayStation currently has is expected to become even greater.

“The PS4 system’s momentum just keeps growing stronger,” Andrew House from Sony said in a statement on Tuesday. Sony’s PS4 is the strongest and most powerful home console now and there is no doubt in that. It represents the next generation in gaming, as its producers describe it, and it seems that customers from all over the world agree with that. 

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Xbox One is doing well, too, even though the top selling console at the moment is the PlayStation 4. Microsoft claimed that they sold more than 3 million Xbox One consoles and they are extremely happy with the results obtained. These are the figures registered by the end of December, so most probably sales are even greater now. 

The Xbox One was also revealed by late November. Currently, this is the main competitor for the highly famous and popular PlayStation 4.

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