Sony Sued For 1 Billion Dollars

On April 2nd , the Toronto law firm of McPhadden Samac Tuovi LLP, filed a lawsuit against Sony Canada, Sony USA and other Sony entities. The accusation was the breach of privacy and the sum of money requested was 1 billion Canadian dollars.

The aw firm initiated the procedures on behalf of Ontario resident, Natasha Maksimovic. The 21-year-old Playstation fanatic admits in a statement that she feels cheated and is outraged by the PSN actions taken after the hacker attack.

If you can’t trust a huge multi-national corporation like Sony to protect your private information, who can you trust?” asked an irritated Maksimovic in a statement. And added: “It appears to me that Sony focuses more on protecting its games than its PlayStation users.”

This is the second lawsuit ony has to face after the hacker incident.

Last week, Sony’s database was hacked. The Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment have been taken offline and a complex and detailed investigation started.

The electronics giant has immediately hired a team of experts to find out more on the breach and pick up the pieces. The team was formed by Cyber Security detectives from two firms: Guidance Software and Data Forte. Then, the Federal Bureau of Investigation representatives were added.

The original statement of the Japanese company was that 77 million users data was compromised. On Monday, they rectified the figures, adding 25 millions more. The information hacked included users names, addresses and other contact information. When asked for more details on the matter, the Cyber Security detectives wouldn’t give any.

However, FBI leaked some, mentioning the fact that some credit card data have been compromised as well. At this point users all over the world started to really worry.

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal asked for a detailed timeline of the events after the hacker attack and requested the help of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in the matter, asking him to investigate if Sony’s handling of the breach makes it civilly or criminally liable.

Sony came out and say that the stolen credit card data was from an outdated 2007 database. But it appears that the information was not comforting enough.

At another level Sony hired law firm Baker & Mackenzie to deal with the legal matters of the problem.

What is your opinion on the breach? Do you think Maksimovic is right to ask 1 billion Canadian dollars?


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  1. I am another (hometown) Mississauga, Canadian female avid ps3 player, and have been for years! I mostly use ps3 for online gaming. I agree with the lawsuit that Maksimovic initiated. I have since cancelled my credit card and initiated a new one, as well as spoken to my bank. Luckily my password for my ps3 was one that I did not duplicate for anything else in my life, due to this exact possible fear. Nothing online is safe, and if people think it is, then they are fools. The fear is the possible phishing email etc, that can come YEARS down the road when people have forgotten about this incident!!! This just means that millions of people have to be more diligent when it comes to protecting themselves online, and if phishing emails come in, report them!!!! No online company is completely safe, even you xbox’ers that are mocking us ps3’rs during our time of fear. This should be making even xbox players question their own security information, and what is being done to protect it as well?! So, all in all, I agree with Maksimovic!!! Good for her, she is standing up for the rest of us Canadians. We may have not “lost any money”, but that is not the point. The point is we are forced to give information to receive a service, and now that service has compromised our information making us venerable for years due to lack of security. I will continue with Sony when this is all done, as I have nothing against the company. It was just unfortunate that this type of thing happened to them, but it is a eye opener for everyone that is online, gamers or not!

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