Sony’s New Laptop Might Catch on Fire

Unfortunately for Sony, the release of its new laptop wasn’t the glorious moment that the company hoped to get. Actually, Sony is recalling its new laptops for a problem that might cause the device to catch on fire. 

Sony asked all customers who own a Sony Vaio Fit 11A to immediately stop using this device. It seems that the new laptop that Sony released experiences a problem with the battery. The overheating battery can actually cause the laptop to catch on fire, which naturally can lead to severe accidents and dangerous situations. 

Sony claimed that they will be replacing or repair the affected devices, as the company works now at a plan to achieve that sooner and easier. Sony claimed that they will announce more details on this situation within two weeks. 

The news on this potential issue was revealed by Sony itself. The company posted a note on their website. “It has come to our attention that some of the internal, non-removable battery packs provided to us by a third party supplier and included in VAIO Fit 11A released in February 2014 have the potential to overheat resulting in partial burns to the housing of the PC,” it said. 

Apparently, safety is really important for Sony, who claimed that users in possession of such a device should immediately turn it off and stop usage. “For your safety, if you are in possession of one of the PCs listed above, please immediately turn off your computer, disconnect it from its AC adapter and discontinue us.”

According to Sony, three cases of battery overheating problems have been registered so far. In these cases, the battery of the new laptop overheated and partially burnt the PC. The first incident of this type was reported in Japan. However, Sony claims that the problem can be found in about 26,000 laptops. 

The sales for the new laptop were placed on hold. Sony claims that the one to blame for this problem is Panasonic, the battery maker. Sony asked all owners to leave their details to the company’s webpage and Sony will get back to them with a schedule on what will follow. 

Sony claims that the most important thing for them now is the safety of their customers.

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