Sony Releases 4K Action Cam

Looks like giant GoPro has some serious competition after Sony released the new x1000V. It’s not a secret that Sony mounted some pretty stiff competition against GoPro, but its new Action Cam has some serious features and performance that might just tip the scales in Sony’s favor. Sony X1000V can be bought for 499 dollars, a price that is equal with the one of the GoPro Hero 4 Black edition. The basic package comes with the Action Cam, adhesive mounts, a waterproof case and a microUSB cable. 

For an extra 100 dollars in the US, people can also pick up the device with the live view remote. The remote can be worn on the user’s wrist and can also be used as a recording control, giving a live view of the action via the small color screen. The X100V’s design is similar with any of the previous Action Cams from Sony, so there is no big surprise on that. The camera has a shotgun-style body which features a flattened base, so it can stand on its own without any help. On the base are located an external input and a tripod mount.

As we were used from the previous AS100V, the new action cam also features a splash-resistant spec with an IPX4 rating. This performance is also helpful if the owner accidentally spills a glass of water over the device. However, there is also a waterproof casing that comes with the camera, allowing it to reach depths of 10 meters. For professional divers, there is a dive door option that can be purchased and increases the depth to 60 meters.

For recording, there is a 170-degree Zeiss lens at f/2.8 that sits at the front. A stereo microphone is situated on the right, underneath the lens. The rear door of the X1000V exposes the micro HDMI and USB ports, but also the microSD slot and the battery slot. Sony 4K Action cam offers Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS tagging. Users can also interact and control the camera through PlayMemories Mobile app. This means that they can use their smartphone as a remote viewfinder. Another great feature is that they can use their phone to automate the editing process. The app is called Highlight Movie Maker.

The X1000V is a big step forward for the company, building a strong reputation on the Action Cams market.

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