Sony Prepares Special Event For PS4

Sony has revealed its intentions of hosting a special event on Wednesday and specialized websites have rushed into drawing various conclusions about its subject. The most common belief was that Sony is gathering analysts and fans at 2 p.m. in New York City to showcase its most recent prototype of gaming console, PlayStation 4, Huffington Post announces.

The game manufacturer was very secretive about the nature of the Wednesday’s event. Spokespersons refused to make any comments and denied all rumors about the release of the fourth-generation of game consoles. The only declaration they have made was that Sony will reveal “the future”, leaving analysts to guess the meaning behind these words.

Despite the efforts that the company has made to keep things private, some photos of the new PS4 prototype have, nevertheless, leaked on the Internet. The new model could feature a touchpad controller along with classic DualShock-style controls, according to the published images.

The official release date of the new PlayStation will most likely be communicated during Wednesday’s event. Tech reporters also expect to get a full description of the hardware, controller and user interface provided on the new machine. Moreover, streaming game services like GaiKai could be available on PlayStation 4 once Sony settles a deal with them.

The event could also include a brief presentation of the games that will be included on the console. KillZone 4, a new Gran Turismo game, as well as Star Wars 1313 and Watch Dogs are expected to be unveiled on Wednesday. Among the potential launch titles are Uncharted 4 and Resistance 4.

Speculations have been made in relation to the nickname that the game console will receive in addition to the official PlayStation 4 or PS4. According to reporters at Expert Reviews, the two names that could be adopted for the new model are Orbis and Thebes. Rumor has it that Thebes is the name that developers have used in the making of the project, whereas Orbis will be the final name for the console.

Regardless of the announcement that Sony will make on Wednesday, the event will most likely be broadcast by many websites. Fans can watch the show online or wait for the official reports to be published on online newspapers.

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