Sony MDR-ZX770BN, a wireless Beats alternative

It looks like in the past few years, Sony has released an impressive number of wireless Bluetooth headphones, which can turn out to be better than others. In 2015, Sony has released four new models- MDR-ZX770BT, at the price of 150 dollars, the MDR-ZX770BN, at the price of 230 dollars, MDR-AS600BT, for 100 dollars and MDR-ZX330BT, at 100 dollars. These four models represent Sony’s midrange and entry-level Bluetooth headphone lineup.

The new Sony MDR-ZX770BN comes with both active noise-canceling and Bluetooth, which can be perfect especially for travelers, because it can also be used as a wired headphone on flight. Sony decided to attract customers who can’t afford the Beats Studio Wireless, but who want to have quality wireless headphone that share several features, like noise-canceling. Even if it doesn’t compare with the Beats, this is a quality Bluetooth headphone that is very comfortable to wear, featuring memory foam in the ear pads, reasonably lightweight, approximately 250 grams, and comes with a well-placed volume and track controls on the right ear cup. To be mentioned that the pause button also has the function to answer/end when making cell phone calls.

Even if it doesn’t have the feel and look of a premium headphone, such as Sony MDR-1A, its build quality is good and offers an impressive sound. It also comes with NFC tap-to-pair technology and AptX for smartphones that support it. AptX has the ability to enhance the quality of Bluetooth. Sony claims that the battery life is rated at approximately 13 hours with Bluetooth and noise-cancelling on. The colors that are available with this headphone model are in all-black design and black with blue trim. The headphones will ship with a headphone cord, USB charging cable and a simple protective pouch.

Before the headphone will be turned on, users must make sure that they have them in the right listening mode, because these headphones have three level of sound quality. Another thing to be mentioned is that once using them as wired headphones, the noise-cancelling could not be tuned off. Sony MDR-ZX770BN sounds better in wired mode, but could not be compared with the higher-end MDR-1A, which delivers smoother, cleaner and refined sound.

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