Sony MDR-1A, an excellent over-ear headphone

It seems that the new Sony MDR-1A is meant to be the successor to the discontinued MDR-1R. The previous model was known for being very comfortable, a feature that we are looking to see at the 1A, as well. Sony MDR-1A is available at the price of 300 dollars.

For starters, its earcup design is a little different compared with the 1R, featuring softer padding and cushions. Probably, one of the biggest changes that Sony MDR-1A has is the earcups rotating in an opposite direction, compared with the MDR-1R. The design changes are welcomed because now the headphones can rest flat when they are sitting on user’s neck. This means that they can be carried more comfortably when the user is not listening to them.

Without the cable attached, Sony MDR-1A has 7.94 ounces, meaning that is slightly lighter compared with the MDR-1R. Another change that 1A features is the cable connector on the headphones, which is plated with a gold ring. As for accessories, the new headphones will come with two standard length 1.2-meter cables.

One of these cables has a one-button inline remote and microphone. The remote and microphone works for both iPhones and Android phones. Unfortunately, like other headphones on the market, this model works in limited capacity, meaning that there are no volume controls. However, customers that own Android phones will have the opportunity to use the free Smartkey app to customize the button controls. In the packet, there is also a carrying pouch included for safety travelling. For an even better sound, Sony sells three optional higher end cables for this headphone, which is a good thing to hear. 

Sony MDR-1A is considered to offer one of the best sounds on the market. The stereo soundstage is spacious and the balance of bass, midrange and treble is very smooth. These new headphones are definitely for audiophiles who want to hear an accurate sound. To be mentioned that MDR-1A is probably the most comfortable over-the-ear headphones on the market. This means that owners can listen to it for several hours without fatigue. 

However, in the end, these so-called premium over-ear headphones come down to customers taste. Sony MDR-1A does a good job, offering a good sound and they are very comfortable to use.

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