Sony launches new smartphone models

After a series of economic problems, the Japanese manufacturer, Sony, has decided to launch its new smartphone models at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress, according to a recent report published in Reuters. The new phones, Xperia P and Xperia U powered by Android are meant to help Sony restore its financial stability.

Sony has gone through a series of changes in the past few years. The company will replace its current CEO, Howard Stringer, with Kazuo Hirai on April 1. Many analysts think this change will help the Japanese firm become as powerful as it once used to be. Hirai, on the other hand, told the press in a recent interview at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress that the recovery will last for a longer period.

Sony is now heading towards a $2.9 billion annual loss, the fourth in a row. As a consequence, Hirai stated that people should not expect miracles to happen when he takes on the CEO position on April 1. For the moment, he has decided to take Sony to the Barcelona event in order to launch the company’s latest products, Xperia P and Xperia U. These Android-based smartphones had been expected by analysts for a long time.

On February 16, Hirai’s Sony bought 50 percent stake from Ericsson, thus completing a Sony Ericsson joint venture. The deal had been announced in October 2011, but it was only this month that the managers reached an agreement. Hirai further stated that the launching of the new smartphones at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress was intended to show people that Sony is back in the phone business. Despite this, Sony Mobile Communications, the division that is responsible with the production of the new smartphones, will be incorporated in Sony Corp. Hirai took this decision because he believes that the two entities need to work transparently in order for the organization to regain its stability.

He provided the example of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc which is responsible for the production of PlayStation and other gaming products. According to Hirai, this entity is usually independent, but it was integrated when new products and sales had to be prepared. The new Sony Mobile Communications will follow this pattern, the CEO declared in the end of his interview.

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