Sony And Simon Cowell Create X Headphones

He’s obviously no Dr. Dre, but he most likely thinks he’s more famous. Simon Cowell and Sony teamed up to create X Headphones, designed for the true music lovers.

Nobody argues against Simon Cowell’s talents as a producer for highly successful singing competitions. Still, is that enough to have true music lovers buying into his endorsement of Sony’s X Headphones? Apparently Sony thinks so as the company decided to join forces with the “X Factor” celebrity to create the best headphones in the market: X Headphones.

The second week of September started on the right tone for Simon Cowell, despite rumors that the fall season of its show will not be doing all that well. Simon Cowell and Sony have become partners to the purpose of creating headphones better than even those signed by Dr. Dre.

Today, Simon Cowell unveiled the new Sony headphones saying the purpose of the partnership was to create “something better than what is in the market today”. The “American Idol” judge explained in a press statement he has tried all of the headphones available today, “literally every single one”.

“Sony and I set out to create the best headphone in the world. We are absolutely blown away by these” Simon Cowell said. “With the X headphones, it’s like being in the recording studio when the records are made. The sound is that clear” the “X Factor” judge bragged about his new gig.

Sony X Headphones were released by Syco Entertainment, a global joint venture between Simon Cowell and Sony Music Entertainment. The headphones are listed with a $299 price tag, just one dollar less than Jimmy Iovine’s headphones.

If Simon Cowell’s endorsement for the Sony X Headphones wasn’t enough to get you to pay almost $300, then Sony’s own specs might help you take a decision. According to the company’s specs sheet, the X Headphones deliver “a rich, full-range audio experience that’s ideal for all popular music genres”. took a short look at the Simon Cowell Sony headphones. “I got an early sample and I have to say the headphones do sound quite good and are overall quite comfortable” writes CNET’s David Carnoy. The X Headphones have memory foam ear pads big enough to basically just “wrap around your ear”, thus providing for a “tight seal” and “offer excellent passive noise cancellation”.

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