“Sons of Anarchy” Johnny Lewis Found Dead After Killing His Landlady

“Sons of Anarchy” actor, Johnny Lewis was found dead on Wednesday and authorities suspect he committed suicide after violently killing his landlady. Sources claim the actor has been very violent in the past two years getting involved in many fights, Reuters reports.

Johnny Lewis, the supporting actor in the series “sons of Anarchy” was found dead on Wednesday in his home in Los Angeles. The name of the star is now related to the killing of an 81-year-old woman who is believed to have owned the house in which Lewis resided. Police officers are investigating the case to determine whether Johnny is responsible for the death of the woman or not.

An unknown witness called the police department in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning to inform them that a woman was heard screaming in the nearby Los Feliz section. A patrol was sent to the respective address and Catherine Davis was found dead in her home, according to the statement provided by the spokesperson of the Los Angeles Police Department, Cleon Joseph.

Joseph further added that Lewis’ lifeless body was also found in the driveway possibly after falling or jumping from the roof. The actor had been incarcerated before due to violent behavior; in fact, he was released from jail five days ago, so police officers think he might have been the one who attacked and eventually killed the 81-year-old lady.

Lewis was arrested several months ago after pleading guilty in an assault with a deadly weapon trial. He was also involved in a second case, but he pleaded no contest to attempted burglary. The Los Angeles-court responsible of Lewis’ cases found him guilty of both charges and sentenced him to jail. He was released on Friday, although it is not very clear whether he had served his entire sentence or not.

Johnny Lewis received a supporting role in the drama “Sons of Anarchy”. The creator of the TV series, Kurt Sutter was saddened by the boy’s death, but he confessed he was not shocked by the recent events taking place in Lewis’ life.


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