Sofia Vergara’s Wedding Preparations Continue

Sofia Vergara is without a doubt extremely happy. The famous actress is set to wed her finance this autumn and it seems that Sofia is quite busy with the wedding preparations. The famous singer decided to talk about the upcoming event during an interview for the Martha Stewart Weddings’ fall issue. 

During the interview, Sofia claimed that she and her fiance Joe Manganiello are going to have a “big wedding cake and lots of desserts.” The star previously revealed that she will have a big wedding, with many guests, as she has a big family and there are many people she wants there at her beautiful event. 

Well, what Sofia claimed now is that if there is one thing certain about her wedding that is the fact that there will be a lot of desserts. “Cake is my favorite thing. So the cake table is going to be super special,” she revealed. A very interesting thing is that Sofia also decided to confirm the date of the wedding and the location where the happy event will be taking place. The star is said to be having her wedding on November 22, at Florida’s Breakers Palm Beach resort. 

Without a doubt, Sofia will look perfectly at her wedding. “I have my [beauty routine] down to a science. I know it will take me two hours,” she claimed. “I’m going to wear my fragrance-Sofia-because Joe loves it!” the star added. Sofia also claimed that she knows who she will invite at the event. “I want a wedding where guests are going to have fun,” the star added. 

The Modern Family actress claimed that she just wants everyone to have a good time at her wedding, as creating beautiful memories is all that matters after all. Well, the fact that Sofia revealed so much of her wedding now is quite surprising. The star has previously seemed willing to keep a secret on the event, but it seems that she finally decided to share everything with her fans. 

Without a doubt, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are a beautiful, happy couple. So, it is only left to see which dress Sofia will choose for the happy event. 

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