Soccer Superstars: new video

The production company Gamevil has released a statement through a new video game on the App Store that will be named Soccer Superstars. This is a game that will have all the characteristics of a football game, through which we bring a team to victory in the path of play. Are many modes of play that the gaming application makes available for our entertainment. This is specifically the exhibition mode, my league season, cup and dramatic. All these options will be very exciting.

Our goal obviously is to win the various competitions with our team and continue in the path of play. The differences between the various game modes include the ability to play on mobile platforms Cupertino company in several ways, coordinating the actions of one player or the whole team.

The movie shows us a test of the game are also several pairs available in the menu JPA gaming that will surely soon on the App Store of Apple. In particular, this Asian Cup, the European Cup, American Cup, International Cup and Cup Gamevil

Among the special game that makes available to us to remember is probably the best gaming graphics product, colorful, engaging and inspired by the anime style, that will certainly appeal to many gamers around the world.

Great importance is given then the characters, each with its own different path from that of others with different characteristics, both physical and character. We’ll have to find them all then certainly in the game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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