Soccer Fan Steal Kiss From Olympic Reporter

Sports events are usually accompanied by hilarious moments due to fans’ excitement and to the large quantities of consumed alcohol. The most recent one took place when a soccer fan stole a kiss from an Olympic reporter while he was trying to report for Sky News, says the Inquisitr.

Reporters make their job seem really interesting, but being in the middle of an angry or extremely excited crowd is not always easy. Some of them are threatened by dangerous situations, while others are subject to amusing ones. An unnamed Olympic reporter became the subject of international news programmes after he was unexpectedly kissed by an exhilarating soccer fan.

The blonde woman passed by the Sky News reporter as he was making a live transmission outside Old Trafford. As soon as she noticed him, the unidentified woman put her arm around his neck and tried to kiss him. The Olympic reporter tried to resist her attempts to kiss him, but in the end, he gave up and allowed the fan to pull him towards her and give him a kiss on the chick. Strangely enough, the woman thanked the Olympic reporter after kissing him and hurried towards her group of fans.

Sky News broadcasters and the rest of the colleagues who witnessed the entire scene burst into laughter. They were even more amused when the embarrassed reporter declared that he was actually fasting for Ramadan. He started laughing, too, but he continued his presentation.

It is unclear what might have pushed the woman to behave the way she did, but episodes like this take place all the time during important sports events. She was probably surrounded by a group of happy fans as they all started screaming and laughing when she kissed the reporter. In addition, one of the men in the group displayed the United Arab Emirates flag. You can view the video below.

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