“So You Think You Can Dance” Sends Four Contestants Home

I’m guessing you spent last night eyes peeled at the TV, not to miss anything of “So You Think You Can Dance” first round of eliminations. The 20 contestants brought on performances of all types, but only 16 will move on. “So You Think You Can Dance” sends four contestants home. Here’s the recap of last night’s show.

Ahead of yesterday’s first round of eliminations at “So You Think You Can Dance”, most viewers worried it would be too much of a hassle to follow in the chaos. You’ve got 20 dancers about to perform all sorts of dances, dressed in all kinds of costumes you have to vote from back home. The bottom six viewers at home hated the most would get booted, except one girl and one boy that would be safe.

It wasn’t easy to take a decision, that’s for sure. Everybody had more or less of an outstanding performance and the opening act featuring choreography by Tabitha and Napoleon had all 20 contestants doing their best.

Lindsay and Cole were the first couple to hit the stage. They got into their costumes and characters as Lindsay played a sexy dentist provoking Cole, the patient. The judges were not that thrilled about it, Nigel Lythgoe ruling it as a bit immature.

By fourth couple, everybody was eyes peeled to the TV. Amelia and Will were so into their characters it was hard not to follow the dance’s story, while Amber and Nick became one in a thrilling Tango. Audrey and Matthew had the judges raving about their performances. Anyway it was Alexa Anderson, Janaya French, Daniel Baker and Nick Bloxsom-Carter that got sent home. 

Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Amber Jack’s partner, was booted from “So You Think You Can Dance”, although the overall performance was a raving success. But it was Amber that got most of the compliments, as judges described her during tango interpretation as a “fire-breathing dragon”.

Alexa Anderson and Daniel Baker might be overwhelmingly talented dancers, but had no chemistry on stage. Viewers at home noticed that and booted them without regret. Shankman described their performance to be “very, very beautiful but a little bit chilly”.

Janaya French faced quite a big challenge. Last week’s hip hop attempt was poor, to say the least. She and Brandon Mitchell did better this time, but it wasn’t good enough to save her.

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