Snooki Has Childbirth Fears

You might think Jersey Shore star Snooki is one tough cookie but when it comes to giving birth she’s just as scared like so many other expectant moms. In a recent interview with Kelly Ripa, Snooki confessed she has childbirth fears and admitted she’s going for an epidural.

The 24-year-old reality show star is pregnant for the first time. She and fiancé Jionni LaValle are expecting a boy they’ve already decided to name a surprisingly normal name: Lorenzo. Throughout the pregnancy, Snooki was pretty straightforward about it and seemed, for the most part, to be OK with everything that went on with her body.

With only one and a half month to go before delivery, Snooki told Kelly Ripa this week she’s scared of giving birth. Wearing a sparkle black dress accessorized the Snooki style with a giant pink flower in her hair, the reality show star talked openly about her pregnancy fears and even pregnancy weight.

“I’m scared, I don’t think anyone is ever prepared” said the 4-foot-9 TV star. “I am getting drugs, I am getting an epidural” added Snooki saying she’s very sensitive to pain.

The reality show star said the birth will not be televised, just her rushing to the hospital. So it’s only before and after videos for fans at home. But don’t be disappointed. Snooki isn’t allowing the baby’s father to see the actual delivery. “I don’t want him seeing what’s going on down there, he would never touch me again” said Snooki.

Like most expecting moms entering the last mile, Snooki has a lot of questions. Knowing “Live” show host Kelly Ripa has three kids of her own, Snooki asked her an uncomfortable question. Perhaps Kelly Ripa never imagined she’d be asked if she ever pooped while giving birth, so she was a bit unprepared for that, but the answer was obviously no.

Shortly after the interview with Kelly Ripa, Snooki was joined by Jenni JWoww Farley for a “Today Show” appearance. Of her pregnancy, Snooki said: “I feel good, I mean other than being tired and my feet hurting everything else is good. I’m due in like a month and a half”.

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