SNL Sketch Writer Tom Davies Dies At 59

Only a few days ago, the entertainment world was rocked by Ernest Borgnine’s death. Now, it is SNL sketch writer Tom Davies’s death at 59 that rocks the showbiz world.

Tom Davies, former comedy partner of current Minnesota senator, Al Franken, died yesterday, at his home in Hudson, New York. As his wife Mimi Raleigh told the New York Times, he was suffering of throat and neck cancer. He was 59 years old when the disease took its toll.

During his last days, Tom Davies referred to death as “deanimation”. He deanimated Tuesday 19, at the age of 59 in his home in Hudson, near to his loving wife Mimi Raleigh, leaving behind some of the greatest scripts and jokes of showbiz until today.

The death of this rebellious comedian might not have been unexpected but it did find many of Tom Davies friends and family unprepared to handle the news.  His partner Al Franken remembered Tom Davis as “great friend, a good man, and so funny”.

Although Al Franken took the spotlight for most of the time, Tom Davies was just as great at writing sketches. In fact, ever since high school the two comedians started work and throughout the years the newcomers referred to the both of them as the fathers of the highly appreciated Saturday Night Live.

Both Al Franken and Tom Davies are known for a special kind of rebellious humor. From the two of them, Davies was more of the quiet kind. The SNL sketch writer was open about his staying in the shadow. In an interview given to the Associated Press in 2009, Tom Davies said: “If we were Sonny and Cher, he would be Cher.” Even though this huge difference existed, Screenwriter Pat Proft called Davis and Franken a “perfect comedy team.”

With his career going uphill, he left the SNL in 1980 but returned afterwards until 1994. During his time off, he continued writing and creating. In 2003 Davis was writing again for the SNL. Word was out that he was also talking to Aykroyd to about the making of what seemed to be a Ghost Busters III movie.

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