Smoking Makes Hangovers Worse

When it comes to the best tips to cure a hangover, nothing and everything can work just as much. But knowing how to drink is the best way to make sure the next day’s hangover won’t damage you. A new study says that drinking and smoking make hangovers worse.

The cure for hangover is one of the most sought after discoveries. Many advise for different solutions, but there’s no wonder pill that would take the pain away. Others took a different approach in the search for making hangovers less distressing, by looking at what is it that makes hangovers worse. A study by researchers from Brown University in Rhode Island indicates that smoking combined with drinking is one of the factors that are likely going to make you feel worse the next day.

“Research indicates a loss of productivity in the workplace due to hangovers and that students report problems with academic performance due to hangovers, so there is a public health reason for us to study them” explained lead study author Dr. Damaris J. Rohsenow. “One of the puzzle we’ve had is what predicts an intensity to hangover, and what predicts a severe hangover” he added.

113 participants took part in the study that required them to undertake a survey each day for two months about their smoking and drinking habits. When data was analyzed, researchers noticed that those participants who drank and smoked were more likely to have a worse hangover than those who didn’t. Smoking while having a hangover also made things worse.

“At the same number of drinks, people who smoke more that day are more likely to have a hangover and have more intense hangovers” said Dr. Damaris J. Rohsenow with the Center for Alcohol and Addictions Students at Brown University. However, researchers haven’t figured out what exactly is the reason why smoking and drinking makes a hangover worse.

There is previous research that says nicotine receptors in the brain will somewhat react to alcohol. One theory believes that smoking makes hangovers worse because it releases cytokines, seen in brain injury.

“It’s not just that the smoking will increase their discomfort the next day, but it may be increasing brain problems in the long run” the lead author added. “The fact that smoking aggravates hangover may be a warning sign that people should heed”.

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