Smartphone Numbers Grow in China

It seems that the number of people who use smartphones in China has grown in quite an impressive manner. Reports reveal that at the end of June, there were no less than 632 million Internet users in this country. What is very curious is that this means more than the estimated population of the United States. 

The growth of Internet use is without a doubt amazing in China. Moreover, in this country the growth regards mobile devices. So, Internet usage on devices such as smartphones and tablets has experienced an amazing increase. Statistics reveal that about 83 percent of the current Internet users have actually went online via mobile. 

This increase is mainly sustained by mobile growth. The number of affordable smartphones on the Chinese market, as well as the number of shoppers of such devices has grown a lot, too. There is no wonder after all that so many companies are putting interest and efforts to sustain the Chinese market. And it definitely is not hard to imagine why the Chinese are interested in mobile data. 

Cheap devices make it even more practical for the Chinese to use mobile data on portable devices. Actually, smartphones are much more affordable than computers here, so there is no wonder that they enjoy a great interest. Studies also suggest that people using a phone tend to use less a personal computer. In this context occurs the question: Why we need PCs in the first place? 

Well, this evolution from the PC to mobile devices is becoming more visible on the Chinese market, at this point, but it surely is expected to see such an evolution on other markets, as well. Mobile data makes usage is more convenient and even more affordable for anyone. 

Smartphones are getting cheaper and cheaper, while their performance continues to grow. In this context, it is quite simple to realize why the Chinese Internet users opt for such devices, instead of personal computers, laptops or desktops. This growing trend is expected to continue in the following period, so most likely soon even the need for a PC will be put in question.

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