Smart Watches Become Increasingly Popular

Smartphones could soon be dethroned by the new all-inclusive smart watches. The latter are gaining more and more popularity among customers because they are much easier to use than the current phones, the Associated Press writes about Pebble’s new wristwatches.

Apple has been announcing various tests for their iWatch prototype, but Pebble Technology is long ahead of them with their E-Pebble Watch. The new model of wristwatch offers more or less the same features as a smartphone with the difference that the former is as small as a stamp.

In case you were planning to use the wrist watch as a separate device to perform online activities, the following news might be a little disappointing for you. E-Pebble Watch must be wirelessly connected to an Android or iPhone-based device, so they could function correctly and display online information. The smartphone is available for $150 at the company’s stores.

The smart wrist watch is in a way similar to Bluetooth headsets as they allow people to speak on the phone without using their hands. However, there are a series of other functions that the E-Pebble Watch can perform as opposed to the headset. The latest tech gadget also gives users the possibility to verify their email accounts, read Twitter and Facebook feeds, as well as keep in touch with their friends while practicing their favorite sports.

The majority of the people who have tried the wrist watch claim the gadget is very good for outdoor activities. In their opinion, the watch is great when they are jogging or walking in crowded places where pulling the phone out of the pocket seems almost impossible. That’s not all; app manufacturers could very soon enrich the functions of their wristwatch with many more programs, making them all the more useful.

Tim Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies, believes there are two main patterns that this trend could lead to. Either, smart watches could completely change the market of wrist watches or gadgets like E-Pebble could replace smartphones in a distant future.

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