Smart Gadgets Saga Continues: Google’s Talking Shoes

After introducing the daring concept of Google Glasses last month, the software company has taken part in yet another interesting project concerning talking shoes. The high-tech pair of shoes was presented during the South by Southwest Festival which was held last week in Austin, Texas.

IT and software giants are willing to take all possibilities into consideration when it comes to creating unique gadgets. Google has been a trend setter in this field as the company was the first to introduce the concept of smart glasses – a device that performs more or less the same functions as smartphones, yet is treated as eyewear. The concept has had both negative and positive feedback, but the software giant is, nevertheless, willing to launch the new product in the near future.

Apple and other manufacturers seem to be attracted to the idea of developing high-tech garments, too. In fact, the Cupertino, California manufacturer is now promoting its iWatch gadget, which is meant to make it easier for smartphone owners to perform certain tasks, such as, verifying email, on their phones.

Judging by the recent projects, the high-tech fashion trend could reach higher peaks in the near future. During the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas which was held last week, Google joined hands with workers at Art Copy and Code Project to introduce a highly advanced pair of shoes that fulfills various useful functions.

The concept drew everyone’s attention at the Festival, but Google made it clear that they are not planning on producing such devices as they prefer to remain “in the social network and advertising business”. The pair of Adidas tennis shoes was provided with a computer, a speaker, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a pressure sensor. The shoes transmit various messages to their wearer as the latter performs various activities. When the wearer is not moving a “This is boring” message is displayed. Moreover, the shoes can connect to the Internet with the help of the Bluetooth technology, so the person who wears them can get various useful information, such as, map directions.

Google is convinced that personalized shoes like the ones they have created for the Texas Festival could be very popular among customers. Athletes might be particularly interested in this type of product, in Google’s opinion, as their sports results could be easily shared on Twitter and other social networks. Even so, the software company has other projects to attend to and high-tech shoes are not one of their major priorities. 

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