Sleep Tracks System Review: Does It Really Cure Insomnia?

Yan Muckle’s SleepTracks Sleep Optimisation Programme is a comprehensive combination of audio and multimedia resources which aims to tackle insomnia by restoring the body’s natural sleep cycle.

SleepTracks is founded on the principle that in order to maintain good sleeping habits sustainably, the body must be overhauled naturally using brain entrainment, healthy lifestyle habits and confidence boosting techniques.

The programme is founded on three distinct principles: brainwave reboot, confidence reboot and habit reboot, each combining cutting-edge brain technology and psychological suggestions which can be integrated into busy, modern lives.

Former insomnia sufferer and programme creator Yan Muckle promises users that by following the system both day and night, anxiety can be reduced and sleep cycles restored within a matter of weeks.

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Sleep Tracks

Yan Muckle’s insomnia cure – Sleep Tracks is a series of audio to help you quickly fall asleep. Instead of taking sleeping pills, this set of audio help calm your brain waves, and guide your body to sleep.

Here are some features of Sleep Tracks:

  1. A completely natural insomnia cure
  2. Helps you quickly get to sleep
  3. Release anxiety and stress
  4. Prevents you from waking up during the night
  5. Helps you feel well-rested in the morning

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Sleep Tracks is for you if:

  • You spend hours trying to fall asleep
  • You frequently wake up during the night
  • You want to feel well-rested
  • You are using sleeping pills
  • Your mind keeps you awake at night
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