Skullcandy Grind sounds surprisingly good

Even if Skullcandy didn’t offer impressive headphones in the most recent years, this new model could be considered their recent best release. The new Skullcandy Grind is an on-ear model and costs 60 dollars. The Grind comes in several different color options and some of them have some eye-catching translucent versions. The new headphones are lightweight, but they feel very solid, featuring a metal headband that is comfortable to wear. 

The new Skullcandy Grind is made from some good quality materials that seem to hold up over time. The headphones come with a detachable cable, plastic earcups that don’t look cheap, and an L-shaped plug. The Grind has a good quality sound for this price range and it comes with some interesting features. 

The new headphones also feature a microphone and remote built into the detachable cord, integrated into the left earcup. An interesting feature that is also worth mentioning is the wireless Bluetooth headphones. There is a button on the outside of the earcup, called “TapTech”, that allows users to play or pause tracks, take calls and skip tracks forward and back. 

Skullcandy Grind is designed for use on both Android phones and iPhones. Unfortunately, like many other Skullcandy models, this device doesn’t come with any volume controls. To be mentioned that headphone companies have to pay a licensing fee to Apple for using their inline remotes, like volume controls, to work with iOS devices. That’s why several companies are choosing to leave those controls off.

At the price of 60 dollars, after all, this is a great sound. These headphone are well-balanced and offer a decent clarity, meaning that they are pleasant to listen to. However, users will not have the refinement and richness of higher-end headphones, but for someone who doesn’t want to pay extra money might find these as perfect. Skullcandy Grind could also be compared with Sennheiser’s Momentum On-Ear, which costs over 200 dollars. Skullcandy’s headphone has a smoother sound and even if Sennheiser comes with a way cool design and better construction, it doesn’t feel more comfortable than the Grind.

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