Skeptic Philosopher, Paul Kurtz, Dies At 86

The skeptic philosopher who founded the Center for Inquiry, Paul Kurtz, died at 86 years old on Saturday. His demise was publicly announced by the members of the center on Monday, according to the Associated Press.

Paul Kurtz, the secular humanist philosopher who inspired many people to embrace a rationalist view in the 21st Century passed away of natural causes on Saturday. His friends at the international Center for Inquiry, which was created by Paul Kurtz in 1991 and has numerous branches worldwide, were the first to announce his demise.

The American philosopher has spent great part of his life debunking religious myths and trying to convince people that they should not lend an ear to rumors about UFOs and psychics. He was one of the biggest promoters of science and reason having published numerous books throughout his career.

The not-profit Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and Council for Secular Humanism smoothed the way for the creation of two secular humanist magazines, namely, Free Inquiry and Skeptical Inquirer. Most of the articles that were published in these international magazines reflected Paul’s lack of trust in those who claimed to have seen aliens or to have been through some sort of paranormal experience. The most recent foundation he created was the Institute for Science and Human Values.

Nathan Bupp of the Institute for Science and Human Values declared that Paul Kurtz was a “remarkable visionary” who succeeded in making numerous career accomplishments during his life. He will be forever remembered as a “builder of institutions and purveyor of ideas”. In fact, Kurtz believed that ideas have the power to shape people, societies and cultures at large.

One of the most important theories present by Kurtz was the theory of eupraxsophy, which was thoroughly explained in a recently published collection of essays written by Nathan Bupp. The theory is a secular moral alternative to religion which meets the social needs of religion, but does away with the supernaturalism and authoritarianism of traditional faiths.

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