Six Million Deaths Caused By Tobacco In 2011

There’s been an increasing demand for the prevention of tobacco related cancers ever since 2012 began. The highly earning tobacco industry has been under scrutiny more than ever before, and advocates for cancer fighting organizations won’t back down that easily this time. A recent study coming from the American Cancer Society and World Lung Foundation shows that in 2011 six million deaths were caused by tobacco alone.

A report released in Singapore today gives a horrific death toll for tobacco victims. As the data shows tobacco use is responsible for the death of about six million people last year. But the study is meant to do more than just give insight on mortality caused by tobacco use. The American Cancer Society and World Lung Foundation are trying to draw attention to the fact that another 1 billion people may die from the same cause if the number of people using tobacco continues to expand at the same pace.

As more and more data surfaces related to the hard facts of tobacco use, organizations are trying hard to inform people and make producers implement warning messages and other strategies that would in the end reduce smoking. But for one of the wealthiest industries in the world, curbing revenue is without a doubt not in their plans.

As a result, the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control hasn’t been exactly successful. Although more than 174 countries have given their support, producers are trying their best to make sure such measures won’t be implemented. Main aspects in the battle against tobacco producers such as advertising bans and graphic warnings on cigarette packs have been stalled as much as possible by these companies.

The WHO has directly accused the tobacco industry of going beyond the limits of the law in protecting their revenues. Margaret Chan, general director for WHO, warned that “paying people to use a country’s judicial system to challenge the legality of measures that protect the public is a flagrant abuse of the judicial system”.

The new Tobacco Atlas report gives numbers that might seem outrageous: 50 million people in one decade have died of tobacco use alone. Advocates say that tobacco producers count on ignorance and concealing the health effects to make millions.

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