Singer Tom Gabel To Undergo Gender Transition

Singer Tom Gabel from the punk rock band “Against Me!” plans to undergo gender transition in the future. The star opened up about his wish to become a woman in the next issue of Rolling Stone describing reporters how hard it was for him to reveal his plans to his family.

Tom Gabel thinks he was meant to become a woman; therefore, he has already made the necessary arrangements to undergo gender transition. The operation per se was not the most difficult aspect that Gabel had to consider before making this decision. He also had to think about his family given that he has been married with Heather for years and the two have a 3-year-old daughter called Evelyn. Despite this, Gabel organized every single aspect of his post-transition life and told reporters that he intends to call himself Laura Jane Grace once the transformation is complete.

At first, the punk rock star was afraid that his wife, Heather will be devastated by the news. Much to his surprise, Heather was “super-amazing and understanding”. Moreover, the two will continue to remain married even after Tom becomes a woman.

It was for the first time when Gabel agreed to speak openly with reporters about his problems. He told Rolling Stone magazine that he has been suffering from gender dysphoria for a long time. He tried to ignore his feelings, but he eventually understood that he needs to make a change. Lucky for him, his family and friends have been very supportive ever since they found out his plans.

The singer is aware that the following period is going to be very difficult not just for him, but for all people around him. He expects to go through numerous embarrassing moments, but hopes that people won’t judge him too harshly.

Although there have been many other celebrities who resorted to this medical procedure, Gable is the first rock star to change his gender. Film director Larry Wachowski who was behind the “Matrix” trilogy was among the first male celebrities to become a woman. The director is now known as Lana Wachowki even though she never talked about her transformation in the press.

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