Singer Rihanna to Release Concept Album

It seems that popular singer Rihanna is working to release a new concept album. The singer will actually work at an album for the upcoming animated movie, Home

The movie is set to hit theaters in November, so until then Rihanna will have to complete the work at this album. Several new songs performed by the artist will be featured on the movie. 

The upcoming animated DreamWorks movie Home is considered to be a quite successful project, so it is expected to be a hit. The movie is based on the book The True Meaning of Smekday, released by Rex Smith. 

The cast for the movie has already been established, as Jim Parsons, Jennifer Lopez and Steve Martin are going to be the actors who will provide the voices of the main characters in the animated movie. 

Well, Rihanna seems to be focusing on her music right now, the singer actually being one of the hardest working women in music at the moment. Besides releasing new singles and planning a tour with Eminem, Rihanna seems to be quite enthusiastic to work at this new album. Variety revealed that the singer will perform several new songs in the movie. 

The new collaboration is not shocking at all and most likely other stars will also show an interest in working at the soundtrack of animated movies. This path was opened by singer Pharrell, his highly successful Happy song from Despicable Me 2 being one of biggest hits of the year. 

Happy has even brought Pharrell a nomination at the Oscars, for Best Original Song. And the single is actually expected to be the big winner of this year. 

Well, Rihanna revealed that her new record will in fact be completely inspired from the new 3D DreamWorks Animated movie. The singer will voice one of the characters, too, Gratuity Tip Tucci. Until now, there is no word on when Rihanna will release her new album, but the release is expected to be made sooner than the moment when the movie will be out. 

The last album of the singer dates back to 2012, when Rihanna released her Unapologetic album. Rihanna chose to take a year off in 2013, but apparently the singer is back and she is ready to work very hard. She already joined Eminem on the stage and the two stars will be seen performing together.

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