Sinead O’Connor ends fourth marriage after 16 days

Just when we were about to declare Kim Kardashian’s  wedding the shortest marriage of 2011, Sinead O’Connor decides to end her fourth marriage after 16 days, says Reuters. This changes everything for Sinead made an unexpected spurt right before the finish line of 2011 and now, we’re going to give her the award for the shortest wedding of the year. 

The Irish singer told the press that they were somehow constrained by their families and friends to put an end to the marriage because they did not accept their relationship. It gets even worse: the 46-year-old interpreter wrote on her website that she realized the wedding was a mistake three hours after the wedding ceremony was over. Kind of like most marriages in Las Vegas once the hallucinogenic effect is over.

O’Connor tied the knot on December 8 in Las Vegas. According to her statements, she began arguing with her husband’s friends a few hours after the ceremony. In the end, they called it quits on Christmas Eve, so the actual marriage lasted for seven days.

If you are wondering why the two argued on their wedding night, you can find Sinead’s explanation in her blog post. She confessed that she took her husband and the rest of the wedding guests on a “wild ride” through Las Vegas in search of weed to celebrate the event. The singer justified her preference for ‘veggie’ toasts by saying that she doesn’t drink alcohol. Oh, now we get it. Those mean wedding guests were probably trying to corrupt Sinead with a glass of champagne, so she had to convince them that alcohol, as opposed to weed, is bad for their health. Yeah, that makes sense.

The “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer said Barry and his friends were deeply wounded by the events of that night, so she realized they will never be able to forget what happened after the ceremony. Moreover, Herridge would have lost most of his friends if he continued to stay married with the singer. I don’t know about that. They all say so and then you hear another “Hangover” sequel is on the way.

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