Simon Cowell refuses to reveal details about new ‘X Factor’ season

Simon Cowell is now a different man after hosting so many talent scout shows. According to Reuters, the TV host refuses to reveal details about his new ‘X Factor’ season because this has caused him a lot of troubles in the past.

The British producer was assaulted with numerous questions related to the upcoming season of “The X Factor”. Despite this, Cowell is determined to keep mum; he stated that he will not make any commentaries as to what stars will take the roles of judges in September. The media has speculated that the Briton might choose between Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, but none of these names has been confirmed.

The TV singing show is programmed to return to Fox in September with a new revamped formula, but the producers will not say anything about the changes they have enacted so far. Cowell is also reserved when it comes to forecasting the size of the TV audience for this year. During the first season of the show, he told reporters that “The X Factor” will be better than “American Idol” drawing more than 20 million viewers. His predictions turned out wrong because the show was viewed by only 13 million people.

Given the failure of the first season, Simon decided to make some changes to the show. So far, he has fired judges Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and host Steve Jones whom he holds responsible for last year’s small audience. The producer is convinced that the modifications he will make to the show will draw more than 13 million viewers this year.

During the interview, Simon Cowell admitted that he was not well-prepared for the show last year. However, he has learned a lot since then, so he is convinced that the second season will be just as successful as the rest of his broadcasts.

None of the names that were mentioned in the past few weeks was confirmed by Cowell. He concluded his official declaration by saying that the next season will most likely have two hosts because he realized it is difficult for one single person to handle the entire show. 

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