Simon Cowell foresees 20 million viewers for “The X Factor”

During an interview to Access Hollywood, that took place in Los Angeles, Cowell sets the record straight. He foresees 20 million viewers for “The X Factor”. With this statement, he tries to explain his previous one, where he said the show would be a disappointment if not getting 20 million viewers upon his release on FOX. He says it was just a misunderstanding.

“That was a slight misunderstanding. I wasn’t saying I want 20 million for the first episode. I said we wanna hit 20 million,” he stated for the Access. If this was enough to change the public’s perspective to his old claims made for The Hollywood Reporter is yet to be seen.

Simon is aware of how his first words regarding the show sounded like but he was overtaken by the idea of having less than 20 million viewers at some point during the show, since he considers such an outcome a complete disaster. He remains, though, confident that at some point the show will strike the lucky number.

He told the reporters he thinks people need to keep in mind that this is a new show so miracles can’t be expected from the first airing. Yet, “I do believe — in time, because I believe in the show — we’re gonna hit those numbers”.

Setting the misunderstanding aside, the interview with Cowell also revealed the actual meaning of the expression D.O.A. that him and colleagues used during the audition rounds in Los Angeles.

“Dead of arrival’ is a term that describes contestants with a set of specific features: cute, under 21, talented, female and most importantly won’t get through. He often uses this abbreviation when discussing with L.A. Reid a veto cast by either Paula Abdul or Nicole Scherzinger which sends a female contestant home.

The next episode of “The X Factor” airs on Wednesday on FOX at 8/7.

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