Sienna Miller Denies Brad Pitt Cheating Rumors

When it comes to celebrities, one thing seems to be certain: stars are always linked to scandals and cheating stories. The latest such story involves famous actor Brad Pitt and actress Sienna Miller.

Well, it seems that no matter what has been claimed on this subject, it was completely untrue. Sienna dismissed the rumors, saying that the whole idea was really crazy. 

So, rumors indicated that Sienna and Brad were having a special relationship, while the two were working together at a project. The potential cheating story was first exposed through a report by In Touch magazine, saying that Angelina Jolie was extremely jealous on Sienna. 

During a recent interview on SiriusXM’s Shade 45 Sienna set the record straight on these rumors. “The brilliant thing about that rumor is that yeah I haven’t really read too much about it,” she said. “So this is the truth about that, Brad Pitt is producing the movie that I just wrapped but I didn’t see him, he’s not been to the set,” the actress added. 

Sienna went on to explain that the claims of her dating Pitt were crazy, as they actually met only twice. So, Sienna denied that there was something going on between her and Pitt. Well, the rumors were not only denied by Sienna, but a source allegedly close to the couple, also said that the rumors were untrue. According to this insider, the affair rumors were completely false and it “never happened”. 

Of course, this is by far the first time when rumors say that Brad had been unfaithful to his marriage. Furthermore, in the past few months, a series of rumors indicated that Angelina and Brad were dealing with serious marriage issues, the two being said to be close to a divorce. However, each time the rumors turned out to be untrue, so maybe this is the case now, as well. 

Meanwhile, both Brad and Angelina seem to be really focused on their careers, the two famous actors enjoying a great success due to their acting roles, but also thanks to their work when it comes to directing or producing movies. 

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